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DIY Placemats & Holiday Entertaining Inspiration Project

Cavallini deco wrap can be used in a variety of ways including gift wrapping, decoupage paper for projects and much more. When I saw this holiday paper I knew that the paper needed to be used creatively to show off the elegant, bold designs. Placemats seemed like the perfect idea! After creating the placemats I got into the holiday spirit and added a bunch of festive touches to my holiday dinner table! I cut out four pieces of 13”x17” paper from one deco wrap sheet.

If you don’t have an oversize paper cutter you will most likely find that when you have the sheets laminated the printers are likely to have a paper cutter, or you can do it with scissors. After the sheets have been laminated leave a 3/8” edge border of the plastic around the paper. Using a durable, good quality sewing machine I stitched around the paper edge (keeping inside the edge of the plastic) on each placemat. I used a bright red thread to keep it festive and a zigzag stitch.

For my festive holiday table I added a few other creative touches! Using an idea I read about in the last issue of GreenCraft, I recycled corks to make place card holders. I carefully used a knife to cut a slit in the cork then placed a Cavallini & Co. Paris Joyeux Noel Gift Tag for the place card. Write your guests name on the back of the card.

For the utensils I used a mini muslin bag to package them and tied a piece of red seam binding ribbon around the bag. You could add an extra gift or surprise in the bag for your guests! I then used the large muslin bags to package wine bottles and again used seam binding to add a festive touch, just tie it around the neck of the bottle.

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