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Birthday Theatre Project by Cher B. Lashley

Remove the ribbons and paint a Rick Wine Container using an acrylic paint color of your choice. After the paint has dried, line the inside of the container using the The Borderline Glue Stick on full sheets and cut-outs of Paper Designs - Radiant. Then, carefully cut out the images using detail scissors. Mix and match images to make new images, add glitter, paper flowers or any other embellishment you like to further emphasize the whimsy and costumes of your players. Use metallic thread, as well as, other fibers to suspend some fairies from the top of the container so they can ‘fly’ at the slightest breeze or mount others on wooden spools or vintage bottles to create dolls at the party that stand alone. A banner over the top and a birthday cake attached to the front curvature where the wine bottle should go, ties the birthday theme all together.


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