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Be Still: Amazing Alterables Project

Inspiration can be a funny thing. It can be fickle and fleeting, and as artists, we learn to flow with its ebbs and flows over time. While the process never gets easier, I have learned to accept what I can't change. This might mean that a project I once had a vision for never gets completed, or I have a surge of energy and am able to complete multiple pieces at one time. 

This piece originally came to me a few months back. I started the project with an idea in mind, but felt blocked, uncertain, and not ready to complete it. It sat on the shelf in my office for weeks, until inspiration struck last week.

While I was busy over-thinking ways to finish it, the piece spoke to me. By simply adding a rustic tin heart and the words “Be Still,” the project was complete.

Be Still Amazing Alterables Project Directions:

Collage Melange Tissue Wrap onto the body and arms of the Amazing Alterable, attaching with gel medium. Set aside to dry.

Paint the remaining pieces with white Distress Paint.

Use a dry foam brush to apply turquoise paint to lightly coat all of the pieces. Add highlights of yellow Distress Paint.

Glue Sprocket Gear to the body, and then attach the face.   

Once the head is dry, glue all of the pieces together with gel medium.

Adorn the alterable with pearl embellishments.

Glue ChitChat Words Stickers to the center of the tin heart. Glue the tin heart to the center of the body.

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