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A Tribute to Andy Project by Sarah Meehan

This project was inspired by techniques featured in Mixed Emulsions by Angela Cartwright. Print out four black-and-white images of Andy Warhol onto a sheet of ExtravOrganza. Trim images, leaving a slight border to allow for fraying. Using the paper backing from the ExtravOrganza sheet, trim masks for all four images. Lay each mask onto a sheet of mulberry vintage Collage Sheets, and paint in bright, contrasting colors with diluted acrylic paints. Remove the masks, and use white paint (or another color) to highlight the unpainted area over which the Andy Warhol images will be placed. Once the painted sections have dried, tear the sheets into squares slightly larger than the organza images. Use your fingers to pull fibers from the edges of the organza squares, creating a frayed effect. Treat a square canvas, piece of wood or cardboard scrap with acrylic paints and Distress Ink Pads. Arrange the paper squares onto the base and affix with glue. Once dry, run strips of adhesive along the top and bottom of each paper square using a Trio Tape Dispenser, and attach the organza overlays to the paper.

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