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For the Love of Home Alterables Project

I just can’t seem to get enough of PaperWhimsy’s Amazing Alterables. From the quirky characters to the Winged House Trio, each project brings forth its own personality and unique characteristics. I also love that they are so versatile — they can be painted, stamped, or collaged — and each creation reveals something new in process.

For the Love of Home Alterables Project Directions:

First, paint each chipboard house, frame, and base with light blue chalkboard paint. Let dry, and add a second or third coat as necessary. Be careful when painting the notches at the bottom of each house, as the paint will become too thick for them to fit the grooves.

Cut out collage images and glue to the back of the frames with gel medium. For the wider house, use multiple images in your collage to make it wide enough.

Cut out collage roofs and glue to the front of the frames.

Glue the frames to the house, and let dry completely before moving.

Paint the wings white.

Attach the wings to the side of the house, one at a time, with either gel medium or a strong-hold glue. Allow the wings to dry overnight. If they still feel loose, carefully add more glue to the seams of the wings. Allow to dry fully overnight.

Thread brads through each plaquette, and dab the back of the plaquette with glue or gel medium to hold in place. Attach plaquettes to the front of each house with strong-hold glue. Allow to dry overnight.

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