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Wish in a Bottle Necklace Project

Sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement — a little reminder that there are brighter days ahead and that there is still magic and hope in the world. To always keep that message close to my heart, I created a wish in a bottle necklace so that better days are always on the horizon.

Wish in a Bottle Necklace Directions:

Fill a mini bottle with glass glitter. Glue cork in place.

Wrap a piece of wire around the bottle and twist into a loop at the back. Use a jumpring to attach a Tim Holtz “wish” token.

Attach a 26” piece of Divine Twine to the bottle. Alternatively, you can also create a braided chain with a crochet hook to make a sturdier chain for your necklace.

Tip: Try filling the mini bottle with other things, like sand from a vacation, mica flakes, or other mementos.

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