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Whimsical House Project

I’ve been inspired to doodle a lot lately in my personal art. Each morning I set aside about 20 minutes or so, to doodle or write. It’s sort of become part of my creative process.

The other day I was flipping through the pages of Danielle Donaldson’s new book, “Creative Girl,” and I was instantly inspired. Her whimsical style and soft colors work well with my own style and I was excited to try her textured backgrounds on my own artwork. Her easy to follow instructions made creating this project a breeze. To infuse a whimsical touch, I stamped these houses, instead of drawing them. And to my delight, they fit seamlessly into the project.

Whimsical House Project Directions

Following the directions in "Creative Girl," I first doodled onto a wooden surface with a fine-tipped chalkboard marker, intuitively drawing and adding words.

Next, seal the background with a clear or matte gel medium to set the marker. Allow to dry overnight, or use a heat gun to speed up the drying time.

Attach one house stamp, by Susan Pagnucci, to an acrylic block, dab with black ink, and then stamp the background. Repeat the process with the second house stamp. Let the ink dry before moving on.

Color in the houses with a light wash of watered down acrylic paint (you could also use watercolor paint). Dab the brush on a paper towel before painting the background to make sure your paintbrush isn’t too wet.

Paint around the stamped images with a very light wash of turquoise, and then white acrylic paint. Allow some of your doodles to show through.

Add doodles to the roof on one of the houses, and then color with paint.

Remove the tape from around the border.

Use an artist pen or ball point pen, and add additional doodles, and to fill in or outline any of your initial doodles.

Go over some of the original doodles with a chalk marker.

Paint doodled scallops with acrylic paint, and then outline with the chalk marker.

Use the top of a paintbrush or a wooden skewer to add dots in white and turquoise. Use an old credit card to add lines of white paint along the right hand side of the project.

Fill in the rest of the doodles with acrylic paint as you see necessary.

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