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Ways to Use an Antique Bobbin

These antique bobbins are a great find from our Shoppe. Each is unique and reminds us of the turn of the century with its distressed age.
We found a bunch of uses for this versatile shape and are sharing our favorites for this project.

Ways to Use an Antique Bobbin Directions:

  1. 1 – Bracelet Holder
  2. Keep all your bangle bracelets close at hand with a spool on your dresser or vanity.

  3. 2 – Ribbon Organizer
  4. Keep all the ribbons, fabrics, and embellishments on your craft table organized and neat with these spools by keeping everything wrapped up and pinned in place.

  5. 3 – Twinkly Lights Spool
  6. With the holidays over, pack away the twinkly lights for next year with this clever idea, or create a fun display to keep your lights out all year round with a few spools wrapped in strings of lights.

  7. 4 – Photo Holder
  8. Add a piece of bent wire to the top of each spool and decorate with flowers to create a quick and easy photo display for your side table or fireplace mantle.

  9. 5 – Scarf Organizer
  10. Run a ribbon through the center of this bobbin and hang on the wall for a chic way to organize your scarves.

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