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The Coloring Studio Mixed-Media Pages Three-Ways by Renee Zarate

Explore three different ways to create mixed-media masterpieces with the same coloring page. Original coloring page by Crystal Brashear from The Coloring Studio Summer 2016 and artwork by Renee Zarate.

The Coloring Studio Mixed-Media Pages Three-Ways Directions:

1. Snowy Inquisitive Owl

Photocopy owl image, use packing tape to make an image transfer, wash off paper, allow to dry. Color the image with pencils in the coloring book. Place packing tape transfer on top of colored owl.

Place a stencil on top of colored image and use white gesso to create stenciled texture all around the owl. Let dry. Apply Pewter Pan Pastel chalk to background. Apply Turquoise Extra Dark Pan Pstel around the edges of paper with an applicator.

2. Starry Nights Inquisitive Owl

Color owl image in with Pan Pastels and a small applicator.

Apply gesso through a star stencil across the top of the page and allow to dry. Apply iridescent green paste through Aspen stencil across the bottom of page and allow to dry.

Stamp patterns with StazOn Black ink. Color the top of page with Distress Crayons in blue and yellow. Color the bottom of the page with Peacock Feathers and Mustard Yellow Distress Crayons, blend with baby wipes.

Apply Turquoise Extra Dark pan Pastel around the edges of the page with an applicator.

3. A Colorful Inquisitive Owl.

Apply crayons to image, wipe with a baby wipe to blend, let dry.

Stamp phrase and apply black modeling paste through a stencil.

Add lines of modeling paste with an old credit card.

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