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Teacup Candles Project

Teacups have always been some of my favorite things. I save them even when they are chipped and well-loved, hoping to find another use. I absolutely love shabby chic décor and these teacups have been calling to me to make them into something fabulous. When paired with a little beeswax and dried herbs, the teacups are instantly transformed into a shabby chic, aromatherapy candle that will create a relaxing atmosphere in any room of the house.

Teacup Candles Project Directions:

Heat beeswax to 185 degrees Fahrenheit until every piece is melted. This should be a few minutes.

Use two clothespins to keep the wick in place in the center of the teacup.

Immediately before pouring wax, mix in the essential oil of your choice. For this candle, I mixed 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of lime essential oil to create a fragrance with a little kick of citrus.

Pour in wax carefully into the teacup. Sprinkle Baby’s Bath Herbs or Dried Orange Peel for an added bit of aromatherapy.

Be sure to use a teacup that is heat tempered. If you use a teacup that cannot hold hot liquids, then it could crack while the wax is warm. Also, if sprinkling dried herbs into the candle, be sure to keep them clear of the wick. They are meant to release fragrance when the wax around them is warmed by the flame, but they do not actually need to ignite in order to spread the fragrance.

Caution: Always use protective gloves and pot holders when working with hot wax. Work on a heat-protected work space to avoid damage to the surface.

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