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Spools and Corks Christmas Ornaments

As I was cleaning out some holiday storage, I found a pile of Christmas music that had been photocopied, dog-eared, and well loved over the years. I could remember standing on the “stage” at home (the landing at the bottom of our staircase) and performing Good King Wenceslas, Hot Cross Buns, and Silent Night on a violin that sounded like screeching cats for my grandmother, who graciously applauded after every 30 second song.

Years later, I have played a concert tour in Chile, played at a Bob Dylan benefit concert for school music education (before I knew who Bob Dylan was), and am no longer sounding like screeching cats. These foundational pieces of music needed a good home and a way of honoring their contribution to my musical ability, so these ornaments are a way to preserve my favorite pieces of music without taking up too much space in the Christmas storage bins.

Spools and Corks Christmas Ornaments Directions:

Wrap a strip of sheet music around each spool and wine cork. Tape in place or attach with gel medium.

Tie a piece of red twine around the middle with a bow.

For the tassel, wrap a length of red twine around a card, cut at one end, then keep folded in half and wrap with a length of silver wire. Thread a length of twine through the tassel, then the bottom of the spool and tie at the top for hanging.

To attach a piece of twine for hanging to the wine corks, attach an eyepin or a Tim Holtz memo pin to the top of the cork, then thread with red twine.

Thread twine through a button, pull through the middle of each spool, thread through another button, and double knot for hanging.

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