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Scribbly Pumpkins Canvas

I’ve been experimenting more and more with drawing items for my mixed-media projects. I’ve been relying on images and clip art for a long time now and it feels good to cast aside the clean, perfect images for a good, old-fashioned sketch. Pumpkins are the perfect opportunity to test my drawing skills because even if they come out lop-sided or funny shaped, it looks like it was done on purpose. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to miss the mark when sketching one. For this project, the real fun came when it was time to distress and scribble all over the page. I made this project extra grungy to hide any mistakes I may have made along the way.

Scribbly Pumpkins Canvas Directions:

Cover entire canvas with collaged papers from the Artist Paper Pack. Adhere with matte gel medium and seal over the top of each piece with a thin layer of gel medium. Let dry completely.

Use watered-down gesso to whitewash the entire canvas, leaving plenty of paint strokes and allowing the patterns of the papers underneath to peek through.

Mix white gesso with a touch of umber to make off-white and stencil doilies in each corner.

Draw a pumpkin on a coordinating piece of paper. Use plenty of scribbles and lines to get the general shape of the pumpkin. Cut out, paint with a thin layer of gesso, and adhere to the center of the canvas with gel medium.

For each paint color in the next steps, mix with plenty of white and umber to make them more muted and pale. The paints should be almost pastels when the mixing is finished. This will allow you to layer many colors to create a truly grungy effect.

Paint entire pumpkin with the lightest orange possible. Layer bold streaks of a darker orange. Add some streaks of white and blend into the orange to give the impression of light cast upon the pumpkin.

Add some green and brown spots sparingly to the pumpkin. Blend the paint colors until you are satisfied, but leave the brush strokes and streaks visible. There is beauty in the imperfection!

Allow entire canvas to dry completely.

Outline all of the details of the pumpkin with graphite pencil. Use scribbles and random lines to add to the grunge of the overall piece.

Outline entire pumpkin with Stabilo All Marking Pencil. Blend with water, then add another layer of dry pencil to the top. Repeat this process until desired effect is achieved.

Scribble along the edges of the canvas with Stabilo pencil. Wet with a brush, then dab away the water with a paper towel to create a mottled, distressed edge.

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