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Pineapple String Art Project

Ok, so I’ve had a thing for pineapples this past month. It is a motif that is simple to draw, easy to paint, and full of whimsy. For this project, I decided to translate the pineapple motif into a string art pallet canvas for the kitchen. With just a few nails and our Divine Twine, I was able to create darling décor for displaying in the summertime while cooking, baking, or barbecuing. 

Pineapple String Art Directions:

Prime the wood pallet with Dina Wakley’s umber paint. Distress pallet with sand paper if desired.

Sketch out desired design on a piece of tracing paper.

Lay the tracing paper over wood pallet, being careful to avoid any gaps in the pallet where a nail will have to go.

Hammer nails through tracing paper into wood. Evenly space nails around outer curve, and on each intersection of the design. When all nails have been placed, tear away the tracing paper.

Wrap colored twine around design, wrapping twine completely around each nail that you pass in order to keep the design from slipping or unraveling as you go. Tape the ends of the twine to the back of pallet.

Spray ink the pennant wood shape. Rub away excess with a paper towel. Stamp “Eat” onto the tag and nail in place.


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