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Paperie Christmas Tree Project by Johanna Love

Our social media manager has been dreaming of a tiny house on wheels. Unfortunately, that means she'll have to give up her larger home décor items — including a Christmas tree. She's also allergic to pine trees (and most things), so a Christmas tree alternative is an absolute must. So for the tiny house and apartment dwellers without the space for a full-size tree, this project provides a decorative alternative to cumbersome trees. Use your favorite scraps of paper to create a festive focal point for your holiday season.

Paperie Christmas Tree Project Directions:

Tear sheets of antique ledger paper, sheet music, and book text into different sized rectangles. To achieve this carefree look, make the Christmas tree uneven and don’t make any of the pieces the same size. Instead, opt for many different types of papers, rip them unevenly, and let the whimsical nature of the decoration take over!

Attach to the wall with coordinating washi tape in festive shades of red, green, and beige.

Add a few holiday decorations, like a star ornament to top the tree and a string of lights.

Note: The washi tape is removable and won't damage the wall, but some of the really old papers may tear if the washi tape is removed. To remedy this, just stick the washi tape to your clothes a few times to reduce the stickiness before affixing it to the older papers.

Johanna Love lives in Laguna Niguel, California, with her husband and their three sons. She is the director of photography at Stampington & Company. Follow her on Instagram, (@lovejohannalove) to see more of her “hippie bling,” natural living, and family antics.

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