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Painterly Watercolor Flowers Project

We’ve had three fake Gerber daisies sitting on a windowsill since before I started working here. I’m sure they started as the same color, but after years of sitting in the sun, they are faded, mismatched, and dusty. But I never skip an opportunity to make something new again, so this project adds an artful touch to these flowers and makes them look bright and new again.

Painterly Watercolor Flowers Project Directions:

Paint entire flower with white gesso.

Dab different shades of blue, green, and purple inkpads onto the Gelli plate. Spritz lightly with a mister bottle of water.

Turn flower face down onto Gelli plate and press flower petals into the plate.

Turn flower right side up, spritz with water if you would like the colors to spread and mix more.

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