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Needle-Felted Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Lately, my routine has been to arrive home from work, kick off my shoes, pull on some sweatpants, and sit by my diffuser while watching Netflix. Currently, I am diffusing a blend of eucalyptus and orange. It opens up my airways (which are perpetually suffering from allergies), but also calms me down after a long day. My end-of-the-day ritual is something that I look forward to, but it got me wondering — what if I could carry that calming scent everywhere I go?

I found a few diffuser lockets and looked at how they were making aromatherapy into wearable art. For this project, I made a felt disc from some spare wool and attached it to a charming tassel for a chic and practical piece of jewelry that will let me enjoy my favorite scents all day long.

Needle-Felted Essential Oil Diffuser Directions:

Take a small wad of felting wool and roll between your palms to form a ball or disc shape. Use felting needles to stab the ball of wool in order to further define the shape.

Insert an eyepin through the length of the felted wool shape. Secure with a bit of strong adhesive at the top and bottom. Form a loop at the opposite end of the eyepin with a pair of round nose pliers.

Wrap a length of twine around a 3.5” piece of cardboard (about the size of a deck of cards). Cut across bottom of twine, keep folded in half, and wrap about ½ inch from fold with length of silver wire, tucking in the ends of the wire.

Attach tassel to the bottom of the eyepin with a small piece of twine. Secure knot with strong adhesive, trim excess twine.

Cut a length of twine to form necklace, thread through loop at top of felted piece and secure with a knot.

Tips for Diffusing:
To wear your scents with you all day long, apply a few drops to the felted piece of your necklace.

Add a few more drops to the felt every 24-48 hours.

If using a blend of different essential oils, you may have to reapply the oils more often, as certain oils evaporate more quickly than others.

Caution: With this necklace, essential oils can make contact with your skin. Do not diffuse anything that you are allergic to. Dilute with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin.

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