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Inspired by Mom Soldered Ornaments Project by Catherine Garmany

I love putting together soldered slide images! A simple sentiment and some patterned paper transform these glass slides into tiny pieces of art. Mothers will love the personalized touch to these simple framed works of art.

Inspired by Mom Soldered Ornaments Project Directions:

To prep, make sure that your work surface is completely clear and clean. When working with heat, you don’t want anything close by that can burn or melt.

Line a cookie sheet with a craft sheet for easy clean up of the drips and spills of solder that will inevitably occur.

Before you start using the soldering iron, review the tips on safety and general use of the equipment in the directions. There will be a learning curve, so allow yourself time to figure out the best methods for your tools.

Make sure your glass slides are clean and dry. Allow for breakage and have more slides than you need, so that you are covered for mistakes and breakage.

Choose your background paper and the quotes you would like to use. You can also include an image of a child or significant birth dates on the back for a personalized touch.

Use vellum to print the quotes and glue to patterned paper that is trimmed to fit inside the glass slide. Sandwich papers between two glass slides and wrap edges with copper foil tape. When applying the tape, wrap the lenses by folding the tape over the edges to the front and back of the glass, being careful of the corners. Burnish smooth with a popsicle stick.

The copper tape creates the metal base needed for the solder to flow onto.

Note: peel the backing off the copper tape a little at a time, rather than all at once to avoid tangles.

Clean tape with alcohol to remove any oils left behind by your fingers — a clean surface is the best soldering surface!

Apply flux to the copper tape. Touch your hot soldering iron to the solder to pick up a blob, and run the iron over the copper tape. Repeat.

Completely cover the copper tape with solder. If it looks bumpy, run the iron over the surface to re-melt the solder and smooth it out.

Clips, clothespins, or some other hand tool are helpful for holding your piece while protecting your fingers.

Attach a paper clip with solder to the top of the ornament for hanging. I find them a little easier to work with than a jump ring. I cut them with a wire cutter and attach them with the solder.

Once done, you have a beautiful gift a mother will cherish for years to come!

about the artist:

Catherine Garmany is Stampington’s Advertising Coordinator and has been following Stampington & Company since its first years. She has many of its publications and is an avid purchaser from the Shoppe. During the years of receiving inspiration from these beautiful publications, she always wanted to see her creations within their pages. With a background in art, Catherine dabbles in watercolor, mixed-media, and assemblage art. She loves to figure out new ways to utilize objects. Catherine lives in Southern California with her husband and sons.

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