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Embossed Black Cat Project

Who doesn’t like to bend the rules a bit? You too can create a Halloween mixed-media collage that combines both traditional and non-traditional Halloween colors. This simple piece includes layers of paper and paint, plus an added touch of embossing and stenciling. This is the perfect project to get you in the mood for October!

Embossed Black Cat Project Instructions:

To start, trim a thin scrap of cardboard and cardstock into a square shape that’s approximately five by five inches. Create a sturdy background by gluing the two surfaces together using matte gel medium.

Next, prime your surface with a layer of white gesso and let it dry. Once dry, collage the background with a variety of patterned papers adhering with matte gel medium.

When the gel medium is completely dry, add a layer of light blue acrylic paint using a brayer. Make sure you wipe off any excess paint.  Add some stripes with gold glitter paint and an old credit card, and then use your fingers and randomly highlight other areas with the glitter paint.

Cut out and adhere a scalloped border from some Sticky Back Canvas, paint black and add dots with gold glitter paint. Let the paint dry, and then add another layer of gel medium to seal your surface.

Stamp a black cat onto your surface with embossing ink and then sprinkle with black embossing powder. Use a heat gun to set.

To finish, stencil on some Halloween-themed words with black acrylic paint.

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