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Embark on Your Journey Project

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then that first step usually takes me hours — especially when it comes to artwork. I like to ruminate on what it will become before I dive in. I like to think through the process and the different steps I will take. I like to do all these things — but I never really have time to do them.

For this project I dove in headfirst without any clear path or plan. I just knew that I wanted to use teal and I wanted to brush the project with mica rust powder. With those two small decisions, I was able to embark and begin my journey of a thousand miles.

Embark on Your Journey Project Directions:

Mix Ocean and Black paints to create a muted teal tone and paint back and front pieces of the Curious Medallion.

While pieces are still wet, tap a dry brush in the mica rust powder, then blend it into the wet paint. For the front piece, I only brushed the mica rust powder on the corners.

Combine rust mica powder with gel medium and use a palette knife to spread it over the middle piece of the background.

Glue all pieces together. Size ephemera to fit the front rectangle, print, and attach. Embellish with a Chitchat word sticker. This ephemera can be found on e-crafting.com.

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