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DIY Fresh Face Mist Project

A refreshing face mist is perfect to spritz on your face on a hot summer’s day, revitalize you in the morning, or simply use as a calming spray when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The blend of essential oils chosen for this project has powerful calming effects and combines to create a lovely aroma.  

To Create the Custom Labels

I used the back side of Ecology Natural Kraft Index Cards and a 1.25-inch diameter circle punch from my personal craft supplies. We do have a 3/4-inch and 2-inch circle punch available at The Shoppe, which would also work for this purpose. Use the SMASH Label Maker to punch out the word “face” three times. Attach the word “face” to the center of each circle, and then handwrite “fresh” and “mist” onto the labels. Use glue dots or a strong adhesive to attach the circle labels to each amber bottle. Tie a simple piece of natural hemp cord around each bottle.

To Make the Mist
Fill three 4oz Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle with Atomizers with distilled water. Add three drops of each essential oil flavor, which will amount to nine drops per bottle; I used Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rosemary. Before you screw the atomizer on, use the plastic tubing to mix the ingredients. Remember to keep the bottle in the refrigerator because when it’s cool, it will be extra refreshing when you spritz it on your face!

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