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Willow and Sage Magazine

Willow and Sage magazine is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products. In addition to showcasing natural bath salts and soaks, soaps, face masks, chemical-free make-up, lotions, sugar scrubs, how to use essential oils, and more, Willow and Sage features refreshing new layout designs, hand-illustrated tips, educational information such as eye-catching infographics, and the benefits of specific ingredients. If you’re looking for the perfect homemade gift idea for any occasion, each issue provides DIY inspiration for creative packaging and the most unique gifts and spa bundles.

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Willow and Sage Spring 2016
In the latest issue of Willow and Sage, grow a DIY garden full of plants that can be used in homemade beauty products to alleviate skin ailments such as burns, acne, dryness, and inflammation; and just in time for Easter, check out a recipe for Easter egg bath bombs. Also, learn how to make soap overnight as we explore the basics of melt-and-pour soaps with a full step-by-step guide, list of es..
Mint Truffle Lip Balm Kit
Pucker up for a sweet treat with our Mint Truffle DIY Lip Balm kit! This package includes all of the supplies you need to make six tubes of Mint Truffle lip balm, along with a pretty print-out  to create your own lip balm holder labels. Create your own homemade lip balm with friends to keep or to give as a Valentine’s Day gift that everyone is sure to love. These flavor oils are oil so..
$32.49 $21.99
Willow and Sage Winter 2016
Within the winter issue, find gift-worthy ideas like chamomile melt-and-pour soaps molded inside tiny tart tins, and garden herb salt soaks packaged in whimsical glass vials with homegrown herbs like lavender, rosemary, and mint. We also dive into the benefits of carrot seed oil and present ideas on how you can take your homemade products to the next level with this essential ingredient. If you..
Willow and Sage Autumn 2015
Willow and Sage features unique uses and recipes for homemade bath and body products. In this issue, learn how to make soap with calendula petals, perfect for people with sensitive skin and minor irritations like cuts, sunburns, and acne. Jill McKeever, creator and owner of For Strange Women, shares her all-natural line of botanical perfumes from wild-harvested, organic ingredients. W..
Willow and Sage Summer 2015
Come and celebrate a full year of Willow and Sage with us! With over 25 different recipes, gorgeous packaging ideas for handcrafted bath and body products, and beautiful Somerset-style photography, we’re certain that you’ll find all the inspiration you need to take up this unique craft. In this issue, we’re offering herbal tips on getting a good night’s sleep and lovely, aromatic concoctions fo..
Willow and Sage Winter 2015
Willow and Sage is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products, paired alongside stunning, Somerset-style photography. Learn how to ease back pain with just a few ingredients, discover 10 easy hair treatments you can find in your kitchen, and throw a spa day for you and your girlfriends. Make pin-worthy bath and body gifts thi..
Willow and Sage Volume 1 Digital Edition
Although our popular premiere issue is sold out, and no longer available in print, you can now download this exclusive digital edition to get instant access to Willow and Sage Volume 1 across your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices! *This digital edition is not compatible on Nook or Kindle Readers. Willow and Sage magazine is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and ..
$14.99 $9.99
Willow and Sage Volume 1 — CD Version
Willow and Sage magazine is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products, paired alongside stunning, Somerset-style photography. In this award-winning premiere issue, you’ll get a creative look inside a military family's farm, where goats’ milk is molded into artisan soap, and discover how to make homemade mascara and foundatio..

About Willow and Sage
Treat yourself to the world of homemade bath and body inside the pages of Willow and Sage. We are all about being aware of the positive effects that whole, all-natural ingredients can have on our lives. Each issue presents recipes, gift and packaging ideas, tips, and inspiring stories for the reader who is looking to pamper their body and mind. Try your hand at creating sugar scrubs made with such ingredients as hydrating cucumber, refreshing mint, coconut oil, and a mix of essential oils.

Some of our favorite recipes for tub teas, scrubs, body butters, and masks use items that are commonly found in the pantry or refrigerator. Things like rolled oats, brown sugar, pumpkin, honey, coffee, blackberries, olive oil, and green tea can do wonders for your skin. Looking to quench dry skin or hair? Olive oil (as well as other carrier oils like almond oil and jojoba oil) is a powerful, natural moisturizer full of rejuvenating antioxidants like Vitamin E. And the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey make it a brilliant ingredient to add to a face mask or wash.

Take the leap to a greener home by replacing bath, makeup, and cleaning products you use daily with ones that contain more natural ingredients. Disinfectants and beauty products are often laden with harsh chemicals, which is why we offer simple recipes that you can substitute for these products. Essential oils like lavender or tea tree are anti-viral and can be effective in reducing the germs in your home; mix them with some white vinegar and few other key ingredients for a safe, homemade cleaner. Adding green substitutions to your makeup bag is simple as well with five-ingredient face powders, berry cheek and lip stains, charcoal mascara and eyeliners, and more.

Featuring recipes and tips from:

Taking time for yourself is important, which is why Willow and Sage aims to bring balance and the art of relaxation to you through stunning photography, charming illustrations, and inspiring content.

What Makes Willow and Sage Unique:
• Artful photography • Refreshing, new layout designs, including illustrations and eye-catching infographics • 144 quality pages of specialty content • It's an award-winner, twice over: best custom design for a new magazine (Folio's 2014 Eddie & Ozzie awards) and named one of min's 30 hottest launches of 2014 out of 862 titles

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