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Wild about Workbooks by Christen Hammons

When we launched Bella Grace, we were pleasantly surprised by all the feedback we received regarding the interactive worksheets we include in each issue. People loved them, and they wanted more of them. There's been a rise in popularity of workbooks on newsstands, and so we are very excited to share the launch of Field Guide to Everyday Magic, which hits stores on August 1st.

I just love the trend of workbooks because, as much as I make journaling more often a goal of mine, I usually find myself unsure of what to write. Field Guide to Everyday Magic is full of thought-provoking questions to answer with plenty of room to respond in. It encourages list-making, and even includes activities that could have you pulling out your scissors and glue, or some of your favorite markers.

I like having a variety of pens and pencils with me whenever I work in Field Guide, so I gather them all up and put them in an awesome art pouch. That's right — Field Guide is a smaller format, so you can tuck it into your purse and bring it everywhere you go. Be sure to pick one up for yourself or for a friend.

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