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When It Rains Canvas

In the summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, Kelli May-Krenz painted her series of spirit warriors that were beautifully executed and whimsically colorful. For this project, I decided to capture my spirit warrior on canvas. If I had a spirit animal or spirit warrior, it would have to be an umbrella. I know … it’s a little weird, but every time I get down or I feel like my world is turned upside down, I picture it as rain. For me, my spirit warrior is a girl with an umbrella who is able to shield herself from the rain, but also find a way to enjoy the view. This canvas perfectly exemplifies the melancholy of the rain, but also the beauty of someone who is able to stand in it and find joy regardless.

When It Rains Canvas Directions:

Cut or rip the margins off of a few book pages and adhere to the bottom of the canvas with gel medium.

Cut each line of text from the page to form strips. I used two different kinds of book pages so that the colors were slightly different.

Paint a layer of gel medium onto the canvas and begin layering the strips on the page. The ends should all be staggered so that they don’t all end at the same length. I also put a few strips purposefully crooked so that it didn’t look too perfect.

Once you have placed the strips down, seal the entire top of the canvas with matte gel medium.

Sketch the silhouette of a girl holding an umbrella with the Stabilo All Marking Pencil. Draw a horizon line and scribble very lightly over the ground. Add a darker puddle/shadow underneath the girl.

Dip a brush in water and blend the silhouette so that it is a smooth color. If you are trying to get a darker silhouette, dip the Stabilo pencil directly into the water and scribble additional pigment onto the silhouette. Blend the ground with a wet brush as well.

To make the canvas a bit more grungy, outline several of the paper strips with the Stabilo pencil, wet with a paintbrush, then dab away the excess with a paper towel. Continue outlining, wetting, and dabbing away until desired effect is achieved.

Scribble the entire top of the canvas with a dark line. Add water to this line with a paint brush until it is very well saturated, then tip the canvas forward and tap it on your work surface lightly to form drips.

Run a wet brush along the outside edge of the silhouette to blur the line slightly.

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