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DIY & Wellness Gifts

DIY & Wellness Gifts

The items in our DIY & Wellness Gifts collection have been handpicked for their ability to encourage your friends and loved ones to pursue a happier, more fulfilling life.

    Whether it's sharing ideas on how to make natural, chemical-free alternatives with Willow and Sage or inspiration from Bella Grace that shows her she has the perfect life, she may just not know it yet, these gift-worthy items are designed to help guide her toward a more healthy and happy state.

    Give a gift that shows her she deserves to take time for herself and to pursue her passions, and she will treasure it. 


Bella Grace Issue 18
She Makes Inspirational Gift Bundle
Cozy by Candlelight Gift Bundle
DIY Wellness Gift Bundle

DIY Wellness Gift Bundle

$27.99 $29.99

Warm & Cozy Gift Bundle
Love Poetic Threads Scarf
Dragonfly Gift Bundle

Dragonfly Gift Bundle

$43.99 $48.98

Willow and Sage Winter 2019
Willow and Sage Refreshing Lemon Deluxe Starter Kit
Willow and Sage Vibrant Orange Starter Set
Think in Magic Bundle
Hibiscus Bath Salts Vials DIY Kit
Calming Scents - Essential Oil Gift Set
Energizing Minty Scents – Essential Oil Gift Set
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