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Stampington & Company offers anyone the opportunity to have their creations published in our publications. 

For all publications, please follow the Artwork Submission Guidelines found below. 

We highly encourage you to visit our “Get Published: Current Calls & Challenges Page” to review additional submission guidelines, including specific things the editors are looking for, that are unique to each magazine and its associated deadlines.


Submission Checklist

  • All artwork must be identified with the artist's name, address, email, and phone number clearly printed on the artwork itself or on a removable tag or sticker label. Improper identification may render a submission ineligible for consideration.

  • Indicate if you want your artwork returned; if so, include return postage in U.S. funds in the form of a check or money order for the same amount it cost you to ship the package. Please email to learn about our PayPal option. 

  • Indicate what publication the submission is for, both on the outside of the package and in your submission information.

  • If you wish to be notified when we receive your submission, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard.

  • Include a basic description of technique and/or brief instructions with each art sample. If possible, keep an electronic version of your instructions, as it may be requested via email if your work is selected for publication.

  • If an editor has requested your artwork, please indicate this in your submission information.

  • If you are submitting more than one piece, please combine them into as few packages as possible. Be sure to indicate what publication each piece is for.

  • If you would like your artwork insured for return shipping, please indicate this along with the insurance amount.

  • If your mailing address or email address changes, please email

  • All artwork must arrive at our offices on or before the published deadlines.

  • Artwork is typically returned during the month the publication is released. If you need your artwork returned by a specific date, please indicate this in your submission information and notify the editor via email at least three weeks prior to the date.

All mail submissions and correspondence should be sent to:

Stampington & Company
Name of Publication(s)
22992 Mill Creek Drive, Suite B
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


For those submitting artwork, we prefer submissions of original art. If original art is not available, we accept high-resolution digital photographs (300 dpi and 8½" x 10"). 

When submitting photos to any of our titles, either email them to the publication’s address listed on our Get Published page, or use a file-sharing website. If possible, please do not use a link that expires to share the photos; if it expires, we will have to request that you resend your submission.  

Click here to download our guide for converting images to the correct size and resolution for submission. 


If you want your item(s) returned, we require sufficient funds for return shipping to be included with your submission. Please provide payment in form of a check or money order in U.S. funds made out to Stampington & Company to cover return shipping costs. Please email to learn about our PayPal option. Checks or money orders for return postage will be cashed within 30 days of submission receipt. If return postage is not provided, we will be unable to return your artwork. We will do our best to contact you so the return of your artwork can be arranged, but if we do not receive responses to our inquiries, we will keep your artwork for a maximum of two years, after which it will be donated.

We provide tracking information for all international packages; otherwise, only upon request. We strongly recommend requesting insurance (specify amount) for valuable items. Stampington & Company is not responsible for damaged or lost artwork once it has been shipped out of our office. Please do not include return envelopes, packing materials, stamps, or prepaid labels. Please note that submitted flash drives, CDs, hard copies of photographs, and boxes/containers will not be returned.


For collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting artist to obtain permission from each participant prior to submission. Each piece of the collaborative project must be labeled with the contact information of the artist who created it. The collaborative project in its entirety will only be returned to the submitting artist and must have sufficient return postage.


Stampington & Company will not accept simultaneous submissions of artwork. While your artwork is under consideration, we ask that you do not submit the same artwork to competing online or print publishers. Likewise, artwork that has already been featured in other competing publications or sites will not be accepted. Publishing on your personal blog is permitted, but we ask that you adhere to our reproduction guidelines. Any questions can be directed to our editorial staff.


An editor will contact you only if your artwork is selected for publication. You will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine your artwork appears in. Competitive compensation is provided for published feature articles (exclusions apply based on publication; contact editor for details). Artwork accepted for a specific publication is published as soon as practical. We receive a high volume of submissions, and a submission may be better suited for a future issue or a different publication, so we may request to hold your piece for several months, and it may be several months until it appears in an issue. We will take excellent care of your artwork, but we cannot be held responsible for damage or loss due to circumstances beyond our control.


Managing editors welcome brief email inquiries (email addresses can be found on the masthead of each publication or on our Contact Us page). No telephone calls, please. If you have a unique artistic technique you'd like to share, please submit samples or photographs of your artwork accompanied by a query letter outlining your article idea to the respective managing editor. We encourage artists who have not published articles before to submit ideas, as editorial assistance will be provided.


Stampington & Company only accepts original artwork for publication consideration. All images used in artwork must be copyright-free. Any techniques featured in artwork submissions that are not the artist’s own must be attributed to the proper instructor, book, artist, workshop, etc. It is the responsibility of the submitting artist to ensure that no copyright infringement has occurred and that all submitted work is his/her own.


All submissions must be in compliance with any and all laws or restrictions enacted by state, federal, and international governing entities, including but not limited to:

  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Prohibited food/agricultural products 

It is the responsibility of the artist and/or sender to make sure that any submissions mailed to Stampington & Company comply with all postal and customs regulations. Stampington & Company is not responsible for any non-compliant items that are confiscated by governing entities and therefore never reach our offices.

If you have any questions regarding our submission guidelines and artwork returns, please contact art management at