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Musts for a Cozy Day of Crafting

Musts for a Cozy Day of Crafting

Posted by Stampington & Company on Sep 16th 2022

Autumn officially arrives in less than one week which means it's time to embrace and celebrate the season's coziness! A wonderful way to do this is by creating a cozy environment for a day of crafting. These are a few ideas incorporating hygge into your creative process...

Musts for a Cozy Day of Crafting

1. Make your favorite warm drink

Are you more of a coffee or tea drinker? During this time of year you can throw apple cider or hot chocolate into the mix too! Make your favorite warm drink to sip as you're working on your creative project.

2. Put on a cozy playlist

Our publication, Bella Grace, celebrates the cozy moments in life. We even have a special annual edition called The Cozy Issue. We asked our lovely readers for their cozy song recommendations and created a playlist that you can listen to here!

3. Burn a candle

Scents can easily transform a room into a cozy haven. Light a fall candle like pumpkin, maple, or apple to add a magical glow and delightful aroma to your creative process. | Click here to peek inside our special edition Candle Issue

4. Hang string lights

Speaking of a magical glow, it couldn't be a better time of year to adorn your space with string lights -- the ultimate hygge decoration.

5. Bake your favorite treat

As you're working away on your craft, make sure there is a delicious treat baking in the oven. This will add to the yummy aroma in your home and give you something to look forward to!

What are your essentials for a cozy day of crafting? Share with us in the comment section below!

Lead image by Micheile