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Capturing Summertime in Your Art Journal

Capturing Summertime in Your Art Journal

Posted by Amber Demien on Jun 28th 2024

Summer is a season synonymous with travel, outdoor adventures, and childhood memories — all of which are great topics to explore on the pages of your art journal! We’ve brought together a collection of artwork from Art Journaling magazine that truly captures what summer is all about. From captivating travel journals, to nature-inspired creations, and even paint-free and diary-style journals that are quick and easy on busy days, you’re sure to find inspiration for your next summer project.


Gardening for the Soul

After moving to a new home, Lisa Thill created an art journal inspired by her soon-to-be garden. Many of us spend warm summer days in our gardens, and so much artistic inspiration can be found by working in the earth. Lisa’s journal captures all the charming details, from pots and plants to garden benches and wooden gates.

See more from this journal in the  Spring 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


Daily Sketches & Travel Diaries

Sneha Abhyankar favors watercolors in her art journals and uses them to create a visual dairy of her life. As she shares, “My spreads are inspired by the places I have visited, the big and small experiences that have shaped my life, and sometimes even places I dream of visiting.” These stunning depictions of intriguing locales are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of your summer travels.

See more from this journal in the  Spring 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


Don’t Cage Me In

Any summer day spent outdoors is shared with an abundance of wildlife, and any creature great or small can inspire a fun theme for art journaling. Marie Aguiar Kosik created this journal as an ode to birds, combining a bright, sunny color palette with inspiring quotes. During your next outdoor adventure, look to Mother Nature for unique thematic ideas.

See more from this journal in the  Spring 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


Start Small

Summer days are often busy from morning until night, so it can be difficult to find time to create. This art journal by Dianne Fago is not only small but also paint-free, making it quicker and easier to create each page. As another benefit, this style of journal is easy to take on-the-go, so you can bring some simple supplies with you and get creative at the beach or during a picnic. Assorted ephemera, decorative tape, stickers, and a glue stick are all you need!

See more from this journal in the  Summer 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


All Things Botanical

Smartphones make it easy to capture snippets of inspiration throughout your day, so why not take photos of beautiful plants and flowers during your summer excursions? Even if you don’t stray far from civilization, inspiring botanicals can be found at parks and beaches, or even in the landscaping at zoos, museums, and more. Build up a collection of botanical photos, and then re-create them in a bloom-filled journal like this one by Rae Missigman.

See more from this journal in the  Summer 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


Pleasures Per Diem

With the goal to finish one piece of art every day, Dana Tatar decided to keep things on a small scale. Roughly the size of a trading card, each of her journal pages contains collage, a quote or reflection, and the day’s date. Follow Dana’s lead, but describe your favorite part of the day in writing to keep a diary of your summer. This approach is a great way to revisit your summer memories for years to come.

See more from this journal in the  Summer 2023 Issue of Art Journaling.


Second Stories

When Monica Yother looks back at her most treasured memories, many have taken place at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Every summer, the National Parks in the U.S. are flooded with travelers from all over the world, who capture every natural wonder through their camera lens. As an artist, Monica knew of another way: “Being an avid art journaler, I felt the urge to record our Smoky Mountain trips through an art journal.” Using an impressionistic style, anyone can bring their outdoor adventures to life using paper and paint.

See more from this journal in the  Autumn 2023 Issue of Art Journaling

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