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An Ode to Our Beautiful Planet

An Ode to Our Beautiful Planet

Apr 6th 2023

Many of the stories and photographs  we publish in Bella Grace magazine capture our unique and beautiful connection with nature. This Earth Day, we want to reflect on some of the stunning images that inspire us to celebrate this special relationship and remind us all why it's so important to respect our beautiful planet.

To Our Beautiful Planet, Thank You For:

Morning sun and birdsong

Morning sun and birdsong

Bird's Nest Nature Photography

Safe places to nestle and call home

View From On Top Hiking Photograph

Hiking, climbing, and uninterrupted views from above

View From Below Cherry Blossom Tree Photograph

Beautiful hues, fragrant blooms, and the views from below

Woman in Beautiful Cavern Photograph

Deep caverns and unique patterns of light

Sunset Photograph

Sunrises, sunsets, and solo walks on the beach

Spiderweb with Dewdrops Photo

The most intricate details

Misty Morning Tree Canopy Photo

Misty mornings and tree canopies

Woman Walking With Horse Photo

Soft soil and the wild grace of horses

Starlit Sky Photo

Unending, starlit skies

Mary Oliver Quote

Sweater weather and fall's explosion of colors

Sunlit Forest Photograph

Wild, untamed forests

Open Sky Photo

The vastness and the quiet

How will you be honoring our beautiful planet this Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful captures. For even more captivating photos and stories about living authentically and with purpose, pick up a copy of  Bella Grace today.