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8 Mixed-Media Techniques to Try

Posted by Stampington & Company on Apr 2nd 2020

8 Mixed-Media Techniques to Try

We’ve gathered some quick and easy mixed-media techniques that would make great additions to any canvas, art journal page, or creation you can imagine! See below for the inspiration:

Technique #1

For a quick and easy background with a lot of interest, lightly spray water onto paint before it dries. Experiment with adding more or less water to discover different results.| Artwork by Leslie Wood, featured in Art Journaling Spring 2019

Technique #2

Create touchable texture and an interesting repeating pattern by scraping an object through wet paint. This is a great technique for creating a sandy beach! | Artwork by Jacqueline Newbold, featured in Art Journaling Spring 2019

Technique #3

For a technique that packs twice the punch, cut paper-punched shapes in half for an interesting pattern, and then highlight them with silver foil to make them really shine. | Artwork by Gina Lee Kim, featured in Art Journaling Summer 2019

Technique #4

Think in the abstract by using paper-punched shapes to fill in a sky or to mimic the foliage on trees. The effect adds dimension and texture, bringing the background into the spotlight. | Artwork by Sherry London Pollack, featured in Art Journaling Summer 2019

Technique #5

Reinvent your old artwork by cutting it into long strips and using them to border a canvas or art journal page. It’s an easy way to bring even more color and pattern to a design, and you’ll finally have a use for those pieces that just didn’t turn out right. | Artwork by Marie Aguiar Kosik, featured in Art Journaling Autumn 2019

Technique #6

When gathering papers for collage, consider what other flat materials would complement your layout. The strips of bookbinding used on this art journal page add a wonderful rustic texture. | Artwork by Amber Walker, featured in Art Journaling Autumn 2019

Technique #7

Punchinella adds just as much “punch” when adhered and painted over rather than being used as a stencil. Instead of the polka dot pattern catching the eye, the result is more about the subtle texture. | Artwork by Dianne Fago, featured in Art Journaling Winter 2020

Technique #8

Tear a strip of patterned or rubber-stamped paper, pleat it, and machine-stitch it to hold the folds in place. You can even make an assortment ahead of time for future creative sessions.| Artwork by Sharon Hoerth, featured in Art Journaling Winter 2020

For more mixed-media inspiration, take a peek inside our mixed-media magazine library filled to the brim with creative ideas!

Happy Creating,

The Stampington Team