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10 Ways to Enhance Creative Flow

10 Ways to Enhance Creative Flow

Posted by Carmen Larsen on Mar 21st 2022

It's nearly inevitable to get stuck in a creative rut every now and then. The next time you feel stuck while working on a project, reference this inspiring list of ways to enhance creative flow.

10 Ways to Enhance Creative Flow

1. Embrace the unknown, letting go of the need to control the outcome.

2. Slow down. Pay attention to the beauty in everything. Inspiration can be found in the tiniest of details.

3. Fill your creative space with items that you find inspiring, interesting, and beautiful.

4. Shake it out, physically! Take a few minutes to get your blood flowing before sinking into a studio session.

5. Mix it up! Dig up some old materials you haven't used in a while and integrate them into your work.

6. Get outside! Take your sketchbook and paints, or simply forage for inspiration. With fresh air comes fresh perspectives.

7. Create in silence once in a while, eliminating external influences. See what surfaces from the calm and quiet within. 

8. Allow intuition to meet intention during your creative process, leaving room for ideas to evolve freely.

9. Take a moment to marvel in your ability to create something that never existed before, finding gratitude in the process.

10. Don't be too precious with your work; there is beauty and freedom in the mess.

This list was featured in the article "Creative Heartbeat" inside In Her Studio Winter 2019