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Somerset Apprentice Magazine

Somerset Apprentice Magazine

Somerset Apprentice takes its readers by the hand to teach them the fundamentals of creating Somerset-style art—one basic step at a time. Successful artists share their favorite tips and techniques, including layered collage, mixed media, and assemblage art, which are presented through detailed, close-up photographs and clear, concise instructions. Join the pros on a step-by-step journey as they complete an entire work of art! This top selling magazine has everything you'll need to learn a new craft, fine-tune your technique, and gather inspiration for your creative adventure.

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About Somerset Apprentice
Imagine being able to take a one-on-one class with a talented artist. Having them walk you through, step-by-step exactly how to create a work of art. Being able to flip through a magazine full of eye-candy … beautiful works of art … and choosing one to make yourself. This can be a reality with Somerset Apprentice.

Somerset Apprentice provides a basic and thorough understanding of techniques geared toward people who aspire to make Somerset-esque art but need to learn the fundamentals through easy-to-understand instructions and close-up photos, focusing on the basic how-to's of amazing artwork. 

Whether you want to learn how to do image transfers, work on layering techniques, master the skill of encaustic collage, or how to use embossing folders to make backgrounds, Somerset Apprentice is here to help. 

Successful artists share their secrets to create layered collages, mixed-media, and assemblage art. Each issue presents approximately 20 projects, as well as a From the Pros section that includes tips and tricks from successful artists.

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