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Keeping Things Light & Quirky Project by Christen Hammons

A quick look in my closet will reveal my love (or perhaps obsession) with quirky prints and patterns. Why wear a plain top when you can wear a button-up blouse covered with airplanes or cats? This was a topic of playful teasing among my friends, but as these fun prints have become trendier, I’ve noticed a few of them donning a donut-covered tote bag or a cactus-laden top.

It’s been such fun to watch the art world embrace a more lighthearted approach to their creations. Rubber stamps now feature cheeky sentiments and bright colors are used more often than their neutral cousins. One of my favorite things that’s come out lately are fun chipboard shapes. I’ve really enjoyed working with crowns and birdcages, so when I saw these sassy chipboard glasses, I knew I had to do something with them.

I never seem to have a shortage of tiny canvases in my art space, so I figured I’d make a little collage with an affirmation on it. To do this, I first spritzed water onto a resist canvas. Then, I randomly sprayed the canvas with yellow and blue spray inks. To make sure there wasn’t too much ink on the canvas, I then blotted the excess with paper towels. When dry, I cut the canvas sheet to the size of the stretched canvas and adhered it in place using gel medium. Then, I sponged just a bit of white acrylic paint onto the canvas. To finish, I added a computer-generated affirmation and three chipboard glasses, which I doodled on with gel pens.

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