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Unruly Wisteria Video

To decorate the frame I simply painted it with white acrylic paint, then added pieces of torn paper form the Wisteria collection. Next I applied some gel medium, this will help adhere the paper and also be and adhesive for the next step which is adding pieces of torn cheesecloth. Jut apply it randomly over the frame. Also add some cut up pieces of brown scrappers floss. Then you will apply more gel medium over the top of all the materials on the frame – you don’t need to cover everything entirely, just enough to be sure that the pieces will stay glued on. Then randomly dab white acrylic paint over the frame.

For the inside of the box pain the shadowbox area white and allow to dry. Then glue down paper from the Wisteria collection. Use an accordion arch and cut some of the bottom of it off so that it will fit inside the box. Paint it white and once it’s dried adhere the dark purple paper from the Wisteria collection. Then cut out the white flowers from the large flower patterned paper in Wisteria and glue the flowers onto the arch.

Use your shadow box for a gift or personalize it! Try hanging it on a wall or display it on a shelf or anywhere suitable.

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