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Paper Transfer onto Sticky Back Canvas Video

I’m a huge fan of the Claudine Hellmuth studio products by Ranger Ink and I follow Claudine’s blog so when I saw her feature this cool transfer technique I thought it would be a great idea to show our readers. This technique is great because you can basically turn a piece of your favorite patterned paper into a piece of fabric and then create wearable art or use the canvas fabric in your mixed-media artwork. First choose a piece of patterned paper that you love. I used the Christine Adolph Winter Garden Collection. Cut the paper and a piece of canvas down to the same size. Peel the sticky of the canvas and lay the paper down (the side of the paper you want will go face down onto the sticky side). Burnish with a bone folder. I like to use the bone folder from the Making Memories Distressing Kit. Fill a mini mister with water and spray the canvas piece generously. Start rubbing with your finger to peel off the top layer of paper. You will need to keep spraying the water as you go to help the paper come off. You will slowly start to see you patterned paper revealed. Once you have rubbed off as much of the paper as possible, you will notice that some small white pieces of paper pulp will still be on the canvas so to get those off you can rub some Multi Medium Matte into the canvas to get the white pieces off. Set the canvas aside to dry and then use it creatively in all your projects! Watch the video to see how simple this paper transfer technique is!

Tip: If you decide to use your finished canvas pieces on a tote or similar wearable art project, it would be a great idea to paint it with Collage Pauge as this will help protect because Collage Pauge is water resistant.

Finished Project Instructions for the Cuff Bracelet:
I decided to use the finished canvas in a wearable art project. I recently altered a shirt which will be featured in future issue of Altered Couture. When altering this particular shirt I converted it from long sleeves into short sleeves so I had the leftover shirt sleeves and decided to use those pieces to make some cuff bracelets. These are so easy because the cuff is ready to go; all you need to do is alter it! Using fabric from some old jeans and the canvas I just cut out the circle shapes and sewed them onto the cuff, adding a button in the center of each one. I also added a few cross style stitches on the flowers.

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