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Felted Hearts Ornaments Video By Kristen Robinson

Classic simplicity speaks to all of us. A worn teddy bear from yesteryear, a beloved sweater we cannot bear to part with as its texture is just right; both bring us comfort and offers us bits of joy. We are not always able to carry a teddy bear with us through life or wear our sweater each day however a hand dyed heart softly felted wool heart that is both soft in texture and classic in color offers us not only comfort when we look to it but a bit of simple beauty.

The felted heart makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It will make a lovely addition to a simple frame, book cover, lying on a desk top, simply framed on a favorite piece of paper, or as an addition to a piece of artwork you are creating. Additionally the Sterling Silver and Pearl sentiments are ready to remove from their packaging and go right onto a chain or ribbon. Each heart has been carefully packaged by Kristen and the presentation is simply stunning! These lovely hearts are a constant reminder that we should all strive to have a heart full of content.


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