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Wrapped Wire Pumpkin Project

Create an artistic mixed-media pumpkin that offers a fresh spin on a traditional favorite this Halloween.

Start by spray painting a small pumpkin wire form with white paint and allow it to dry. Tear a few one inch strips of muslin and then spray the strips lightly with Espresso Adirondack Color Wash and allow them to dry.

Alternate each wire piece by embellishing with a mix of pattern washi tapes and wrapping the dyed fabric. On some areas I used the orange old book washi, then on others the orange graffiti washi and black crosses patterned washi.

On other sections of the wires and the top stem, tightly wrap the dyed muslin strips and then secure it by tying a piece of the black midnight scrapper's floss around the muslin.

For a chic and artistic look, try dangling wires or tags inside the pumpkin. You can place a candle or decorative item inside the pumpkin, but we recommended you don’t burn it inside the wire form as paint, fabric, and other materials may be flammable.

Now your altered pumpkin wire form is ready to display on your desk at work, in your home, or anywhere else that could use a bit of enchanting Halloween magic.

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