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Whimsy and Delightful Gifts for the Holidays Project by Kristen Robinson

A dash of whimsy and delight is perfect during the holiday season. While I adore all that is traditional and classic I also love to add a dollop of fun to my gift giving. Brown paper packages tied up with string are adorned with labels by ARTchix that are just the thing; with the addition of glimmer mist, wee clothespins and hemp cording the simple is elevated to creative and classy.

Goodies for You:

To create the whimsical tag begin with a shipping tag measuring roughly 3” x 1¾”. Add a wee spritizing of blue glimmer mist to the edges and allow to dry for a few minutes. Once the tag has dried attach the Artchix label. With a hole punch create a hole in the center of the tag (be sure the hole is large enough to allow the cording to go through the center of it).

To create a gift perfect for the creative one in your life assemble a bit of bits and baubles, paper and ephemera. Place all of the items into a large glassine envelope. The addition of a blank journal to the top of the bag is an extra bonus. Tie the treasures together with natural cording and complete with the “Goodies for You” tag.

Treats For You:

A delightful bag filled with treats becomes a treat itself when adorned with a custom tag. Approximately 1½” from the top of a brown bag (seven gypsies) punch two holes into the center going through both the front and the back. Fill the bag with goodies. Protect the contents with a bit of shredded paper. Thread a piece of hemp cording through the two holes and tie into a bow.

To create the tag attached to the bag of goodies begin with a shipping tag approximately 5¼" x 2. Spritz glimmer mist to the top of the tag and set aside to try. Once the mist has dried glue a piece of ledger paper to the center of the tag and add the ARTchix label to the center of the paper.

Using a sewing machine (zigzag stitch) or a needle and thread create a border around the ledger paper. Once the stitch is done add random polka dots to the tag as well as borders around the label using a colored pencil. Finally place a piece of velvet ribbon through the hole of the tag. Stitch the ribbon to close in lieu of tying. Using a small clip attach to the hemp cording on the bag

To The Delightful:

It is always a wonderful thing to receive an invitation and it is even better when the invitation comes in a clever package. To create the invitation place an Artchix label at the top of patterned paper (Catherine Moore). Add the script regarding the event and place into a small glassine envelope.

Onto a piece of cardstock (which will fit nicely in the center of the envelope) place an Artchix Label. Stitch around the perimeter and adhere to the front of the envelope. Place a wee clip at the top of the invitation to hold in place.

To The Creative (A Goodie Bag):

I have found a bag full of inspiration and found objects are not only appreciated but a one of a kind. To the top of a brown bag (seven gypsies) create 5 holes using a hole punch. Once the holes are created spray a wee bit of glimmer mist to the top and sides – let dry.

Once the mist has dried begin creating your collage. To the center of the bag add a piece of ledger paper (Catherine Moore) to the top of this layer more paper as well as a found ticket. Finally add an Artchix Label and place x’s and dots in a random fashion using a colored pencil.

Enjoy Box:

Imagine a centerpiece created with nothing but adorned boxes. A round paper mache box has been topped with an upcycled flower created from discarded book pages. To create the flower cut three circles one large, one medium and one small. Crumple the edges of the medium and small circles creating edges reminiscent of a petal. Place a crystal brad through the center of the flower. Using glimmer mist spray the flower and let dry.

While the mist is drying glue a piece of hemp cord around the perimeter of the lid let dry before handling. Once the hemp has dried glue the flower to the lid of the box. Finally spray a small shipping tag with a bit of glimmer mist. To the top of the tag add an Artchix label (which has been backed with cardstock). String a piece of floss through a button and place on top of the tag. Finally add a clip and enjoy giving to someone special.

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