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Whimsy Wire Forms Project

There are so many different ways to creatively use wire forms. This dress wire form is available in two sizes at The Shoppe, depending on your crafting needs or whims: 9” and 13”. I gave each wire form a coat of blue spray paint to get started. If you don’t have spray paint, you can alternatively use blue acrylic paint.

For the larger 13” dress form:
I used long strips of tissue wrap and attached them to the skirt using glue dots. Add as many strips as you need around the skirt. Around the waist, add some additional glue dots and then tie a piece of black seam binding ribbon, securing it with a pretty bow at the front. Add a small decorative brooch for a dazzling finishing touch.

For the smaller wire form:
I decided to use this wire form as a creative way to present a plant. Whether it is real or faux, the wire form makes a lovely display for any shelf of countertop. Place the wire form over the top of your plant and that’s all there is to it! If it is a little large, you can easily manipulate the wire on the skirt to make it wider by bending it outwards.

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