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Vintage Valentine Ornaments Project

My project was inspired by a project that Colette Copeland created that was published in Volume 4 of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. Unfortunately our warehouse has sold out of the issue but we will be releasing it as a digital edition in the January edition of Post Script!

Begin by cutting out the heart shapes using vintage French sheet music. I used two different styles of heart shapes for mine, remember to cut two pieces for each heart so that you have a front and back. Cut out the clip art images from the Tweety Jill Vintage Valentine Collection. Cut out a piece of natural muslin for each clip art image that is slightly bigger than the clip art image (leave approx ¼” around the edges).

Make sure your sewing machine is threaded with a burgundy thread and set to a zig zag stitch. Using only the front heart for each ornament, sew the clip art image (with the muslin behind it) onto the front of each heart.

Take a small strip of red ticking fabric and create a loop and place in between the front and back (for each ornament). Sew the front and back together for each ornament, leaving a small space at the bottom of the heart. Stuff the heart with poly-fill or alternatively some scrap fabric pieces. After you have stuffed each heart, sew the hearts shut.

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