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Vintage Inspired Jewelry Project by Melissa Mercer

For both necklaces you’ll need about a 1½ ft of Fine Oval Chain from Vintaj Natural Brass & charms from Vintage Groove Jewelry by Jill Schwartz.

Bird Necklace:

I used 1 of the Flying East and West Connectors Kit, the branch & the green gem stone from the Brass Branch Design Combo and the flower from the Joy Design Combo. To create the birds nest take the 3 Freshwater Pearls or any beads of your choice for your eggs. Put the wirethrough the beads. If wire is too big use a head pin. Then start wrapping around the bead in a circular pattern & between the beads to secure it. Hide the end of the wire under the beads. Attach the bird & nest to the branch charm with jump rings. (All the Vintage Groove Jewelry by Jill Schwartz has loops and/or jump rings attached.) Add all pieces to the chain & add a hook to finish your piece.

Vintage Girl Necklace:

I used 1 each of the crystal & pearls charm from the Shell & Silver Design Combo, the flower from the Joy Design Combo and the Good Stuff Inchies collage sheet by Tuscan Rose. First I glued the crystal oval to the picture I wanted & let dry. Once the glue dried I filled in the center with DG3 then let it dry over night. Then I took the crystal & pearl charm & attached them to the chain. Once the crystal oval dries I added a Swarovski Crystal to the bottom of the charm & add a hook to finish your piece.

Flower Ring:

Take a Diamond Trellis Filigree from Vintaj Natural Brass and bend it around a ring mandrel for the base of the ring. I use the flower from the Shell & Silver Design Combo set & took off the back connector piece. Then I glued the flower to the ring base & let dry. E6000 works great.

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