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Vintage Bird's Nest Necklace Project by Melissa Mercer

To create the birds nest take the 3 Freshwater Pearls or any beads of your choice for your eggs. Put the wire through the beads. If wire is too big use a head pin. Then start wrapping around the bead in a circular pattern & between the beads to secure it. Hide the end of the wire under the beads. Add a jump ring to a secured part of wire on your wired nest. Then add a bird. On the other side attach an eye pin. Add pearl beads and/or bead cap. After you added you beads make a loop to finish off the end of the eye pin. Take the Fleur Des Lis Connector and fold it in half using round nose pliers. Put it through the loop of the eye pin & put a jump ring through the holes at the end. Add the other bird. Attach jump rings to each bird & add chain. Add clasp and you’re finished.


  • 1 Flying East Bird
  • 1 Flying West Bird
  • 2ft of Elongated Oval Chain
  • 1 Head Pin
  • 4 Jump Rings
  • 1 Fleur Des Lis Connector
  • 1 - 1.5ft of Feet 24 Gauge Bronze Wire
  • 1 Clasp from the Clasp Sampler Pack
  • Eye Pin
  • Freshwater Pearls for the eggs
  • Swarovski Pearls
  • 6mm Blossom Bead Cap
  • Vintaj Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers


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