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Tin Can Charm Project

I love being able reuse something as simple as a tin can and turn it into something pretty (and useful), like these storage cans for holding art supplies.

The most important step with repurposing a tin can is to sand the inside of the top edge to remove any of the sharp edges. I cut out some rectangular pieces of burlap and glued them onto the cans using my glue gun with an adhesive suitable for both metal and fabric.

For each can, I coordinated the colors of the velvet leaves with the color of the seam binding ribbon. I simply tied the ribbon around the center of the tin and double knotted it to secure it. Place 2 leaves onto the center of each can, simply by sticking the stem of the leaf under the ribbon knot. Secure the ends of the edges of the ribbon by using a glue dot to glue them down. You can fill the tins with all sorts of odds and ends!

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