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The Earth book: Project by Audrey Hernandez

  • The Earth book: Project by Audrey Hernandez

Start by measuring size of cover and use paper from the Cottage Garden pack and a piece with a window and the tree paper.  Randomly add blue acrylic paint to the center.  Add three flowers randomly.  Then add a printed word transparency to the center.  Add crystals to the center of the flowers.  On the right side add paint rub-ons.  Then add a torn piece of paper to center with a black punched hole ripped paper and then sew on the nest/eggs transparency from the Cottage Garden Trans 2 to the center with white thread.  Then sew a heart around the eggs.  Add the '2 for 15' at the top and then edge with black acrylic paint.  Punch holes to match up to the book and attach to the cover.


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