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The Conjurers Casket Project

Our mini coffins from The Shoppe at Somerset have so much creative potential for artists that are Halloween enthusiasts. Alter your coffin and use it to store candy, insert a mini coffin album into it with Halloween pictures, or use it as gift box when giving a Halloween gift to family or friends.

Begin by cutting out a piece of vintage musical paper that is the same size as the coffin lid and glue it on to the lid. Take an adhesive dot runner and run it around the edges of the coffin lid. Then place some black foil over the top, burnish with your finger and peel back. Then over the top of the foiled dots, use a glue stick and glue over the dots around the edge. Take the black foil again and place over the glue, burnish and peel off. The combination of the dots and the glue stick technique will leave the edges looking really distressed.

For the bottom edges of the coffin you can create a scalloped foiled edge really easily. Take liquid glue and with a thin paintbrush just light paint the scallop design with the glue. Allow it to become tacky then place the black foil over it. Leave it for approximately 45 minutes and then peel back the foil. Then with the same liquid glue, paint a thin border edge over the top of the scallop design, let the glue become tacky and place the gold foil over the top. Leave for 45 minutes and peel back.

Stamp the Small Crescent Moon with black ink onto the top of the coffin. Then stamp the witch image from the Bird & Bee No. 19 stamp set inside the moon image. Cut out another piece of vintage music paper and glue to the inside.


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