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The Clock Strikes Midnight Project

This New Year’s create some wearable art for the special occasion!  Even after we ring in the New Year, these pieces are perfect additions to your everyday wardrobe.

Start by cutting out the clock images from the Paddington Paper Pad.  Mix up the resin, dab a small amount into the bezels, place the clock paper pieces into the bezels, and push them flat.  Fill in each bezel with a generous amount of resin.  Allow the bezels to dry for at least 48 hours to ensure the resin is set.

For the silver necklace, I used two bezels by connecting the top of the round bezel to a silver chain using your pliers, and then connecting the round bezel to the oval one, using a silver jump ring.  Attach the decorative clear bead, and tie a small bow on the bottom of it using hand-dyed smoky quartz ribbon.

For the bronze necklace, attach the silver bead to the top of the round bezel and connect the top of the bead to the bronze chain.  On the bottom of the round bezel attach the clear bead, and tie off the bottom of the bead with a small bow using the smoky quartz ribbon.

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