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Sweet Pink & Chocolate Brown Project

Begin with the Scallop Top Round Box Set. Using a piece of vintage French text from the Antique French Paper Bundle I color copied 5 sheets of the paper. Cut the color copies down to size to fit the bottom section of each scallop top box. Glue the papers onto the boxes using Collage Pauge and once they are glued on, paint the Collage Pauge over the paper to seal it. Take the lids of all the boxes and paint them with Mulch and Orchid acrylic paint. Alternate the colors - I started with brown on the top for the largest box. Once the paint has dried take a fine tip paintbrush and paint a small dot in each scallop, using pink dots on the brown tops and brown dots on the pink tops. Once the paint on the tops has dried paint over each top with the Collage Pauge. Stack your boxes to create the look of a cake and tie ribbon around the stack. This project is perfect for a shower or birthday party! Fill the boxes with treats or gifts.

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