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Soldered Art Doll Project

By Lisa Bluhm

Stamp large star onto green background paper twice. Place 3/4" glass over each star and center the star under the glass. Trim paper to fit under glass. Stamp heart and crow stamp onto flowered background paper. Lay glass over stamped images and trim paper to fit underneath. Glue lace ribbon onto bottom edge of the paper trim sides to fit under glass. Stamp wings from the winged crown stamp onto lighter background paper. Lay oval glass over wings and trim paper to fit. Match up each glass with its mate and sandwich each paper to fit between the two pieces. Wrap each piece with copper foil tape and cover the front, back and side edges. Trim excess copper foil tape with a craft knife. Solder around all the edges of each piece separately first. Lay the circle glass pieces side by side onto the top edge of the rectangle glass. Solder the circles together in the center. Tack solder the circles to the sides of the rectangle soldered edges. Lay the rectangle glass down resting on the circles. Tack solder the ovals on each corner to create the wings. Solder a medium jump ring onto the top center edge of the rectangle glass leaving the jump ring so that it can be opened. Solder 4 medium jump rings along the two top edges of the square glass. Solder one more jump ring at the center point. Solder medium jump ring to the bottom point of the square. Open the jump ring on the rectangle and loop it through the bottom jump ring of the 1" square glass. Close the jump ring and solder it closed. Solder 2 large solder scrolls to the side and bottom edge of the rectangle glass to form the arms and legs. Tie assorted ribbons through the jump rings at top edge. Note — ribbon can be left long to hang the doll from.

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