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Shell Collection Project by Mona Gettmann

Cut a sheet of cream mulberry paper into narrow strips. Weave the paper strips onto a wire Floral Wrap Cone. Weave fibers from Sandy Dunes Yarn and Snow White Art Yarn by Maria Teresa Stoa over the paper strips and tie the ends into knots along the center of the cone. Using wire, attach the center seams together. Using wire, attach sand dollars and star fish from Sea Shell Mixes, along with sea shells, to the center of the cone, as shown. Ink the texture image from Shore Cliff Cube with Gold Pearl Ex Ink. Roll six Medium Glass Bottles over the inked image, re-inking the image for each bottle. Heat set the ink with a heat tool. Attach Gold Alphabet Tiles to the bottles spelling the word summer. Attach a beaded wire to each cork. Attach the bottles to the top edge of the cone. Glue the remainder of the sand dollars and star fish from Sea Shell Mixes, along with the pieces from Assorted Sealife, and sea shells to the center and top edges of the cone. Attach a gold looped fiber to the top point of the cone for a hanger. Attach clear beads randomly to the cone with loops of wire.

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