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Reversible Inchie Wearable Project

Inchies actually fit perfectly into the Staple bezels by Art Mechanic. I thought it would be clever to create reversible pendants so that if you grow tired of one side, you can just easily flip it around for a quick change.

I really like the Inchie World collage sheet because it includes various coordinating inchies like the butterflies. As such, you can create a project with inchies that’ll fit together like a puzzle.

Start by cutting out the inchies you are using. Glue the inchies back to back so that you can flip the pendants as I mentioned earlier. Carefully glue them on correctly in the right direction.

Cut or tear some mica down to the size of the inchies, you will need four pieces (2 for each pendant). Sandwich the inchies in between the mica sheets then place each in the bezels and use pliers to secure the prongs on the sides down.

Thread some Art Ribbons through the pendants to turn it into a necklace, bracelet or decorative piece to secure to a gift, journal or book.

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