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Resin Paper Necklace Project

If you watch our FREE how-to video with guest artist Jen Cushman, she will walk you through creating resin paper in a way that is not intimidating. Resin paper can be used in mixed-media projects, but it also works as a stand-out accents in jewelry pieces! Inspired by the designs of the team at ICE Resin, I decided to try crafting a unique piece of wearable art by incorporating the resin paper into the piece!

First create your resin paper using old book text, a trash bag, foam brush, stamps and ink, and resin. Remember to watch the FREE how-to video to learn how to create the resin paper. Once the resin paper has dried completely, tear 5-6 small pieces that resemble the shape of leaves. Glue the tip of each piece together (layering and gluing one on top of the other) using the resin as the adhesive.

Thread a piece of wire through the tip of the filigree pendant and wrap the excess wire around the top of the pendant. Cut the ends of the wire off with jewelry wire cutters. Thread a piece of the Bordeaux hand-dyed ribbon through the wire and tie a knot with it at the top of the pendant.

Use the pendant as art-to-wear, attach it to a gift package, wrap it around a vintage bottle or jar as a decorative charm, or simply display this captivating piece somewhere inspiring!

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